Thursday, December 16, 2004

Christmas Shopping

Well, I just passed another holiday shopping milestone yesterday. Yes, when I got home late yesterday afternoon, I found that Mr. UPS Man had left a package on my front porch. Within which was the last Christmas present I'd been waiting for. Now all that's left is to wrap everything— that is, once I get more wrapping paper: ran out yesterday while wrapping boxes of candy for the confirmands.

And I realize that most of my Christmas shopping this year was done online. Really, except for those boxes of candy (on sale cheap at Alco up in Caledonia) the only Christmas shopping I did out here in meatspace was at the Katmandu Trading Company up in Hokah.

Apart from that, I relied on Amazon. Garrett Wade. And the wondrous Deep Discount DVD: they may not have everything you're looking for, but if they've got it, you'll get it at a bargain price. My friend Greg turned me on to them, and that box yesterday was from them. Only problem was, every DVD I got as a Christmas present, I had to get a second copy for myself; then I noticed another several DVDs that I just had to get; and, well, you know how it goes...


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