Thursday, September 22, 2005

Back and Forth and Back and Forth

The other day I went out to see a confirmand's volleyball match. And I was reminded once again of a perennial feature of local school sports events: at every event, there are a few individuals who keep walking back and forth, back and forth in front of you, every minute or two throughout the entire game.

First they come walking out into the gym, and climbing up right in front of you into the bleachers. Then, two minutes later, the same individuals come climbing down out of the bleachers, right in front of you, and they head out of the gym. Then a few minutes after that, they're back again, and climbing back up into the bleachers. Right in front of you. Then, not another five minutes, and they're heading down out of the bleachers and out of the gym again. Then, two minutes after that, here they come again...

This keeps up through the entire evening. The same handful of individuals; most people stay put, it's just those few. Where do they keep going? What are they up to? At first I thought they were heading to the bathroom, or out to the concession stand. But the same individual doesn't have to keep running out, every three minutes like metronome clockwork, all the way through a two-hour volleyball match. So what's up with them, anyhow?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Smokers? People who are forced to be able to say "I was there" but would really rather be anywhere else? Veterans who spent days trapped in a foxhole, rendering them unable to tolerate sitting still for more than a few minutes? Lunatics who manage to drink more than a gallon of coffee per day?

Thursday, September 22, 2005 11:30:00 AM  
Blogger Paul Burgess said...

The strange thing is, most of those who keep going back and forth like this at sports events are schoolkids. Though there are predictably also a couple of adults among them. I mean, literally every few minutes for the entire course of the evening...

Thursday, September 22, 2005 12:50:00 PM  

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