Thursday, September 22, 2005

Opera Goes Free!

opera 8.5
Just the other day, the latest version of the Opera browser came out: Opera 8.5. And there was another surprise: at long last, Opera is now free, just like every other browser out there!

You may have heard of Opera's infamous built-in ad banner, which you have to pay a registration fee to get rid of. Well, as of Opera 8.5, there's no more ad banner, and no more registration fee. The Opera browser is now free for the download.

I myself am a big booster of Opera— I've used it as my main browser now for going on four and a half years. Of course, when I first tried it out, it took me less than a week to cough up the registration fee, and get rid of that ad banner for good. Best $39 I ever invested.

But— need I repeat myself?— Opera 8.5 is now free!!! No ad banner. No registration. Yours for free.

I could go on at length about all of Opera's great features. But I won't. All I'll mention is one thing: if you're using Windows, ditching Internet Explorer in favor of a browser like Opera or Mozilla Firefox is one of the best things you can do for your own computer security. (The other is ditching Outlook Express in favor of Mozilla Thunderbird or Opera's own built-in M2 e-mail client.)

Speaking of Firefox— which is also an excellent browser— Firefox 1.0.7 came out just yesterday:

firefox 1.0.7
Opera. Now free. Firefox. Also free. Check them out!



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