Friday, October 14, 2005

American Gothic on DVD

american gothic
Back ten years ago there was this TV series which came on CBS. It didn't last long, but it immediately became one of my favorites.

American Gothic was a very strange show about the town of Trinity, South Carolina, and Sheriff Buck, who ran the town. Sheriff Buck had unnatural powers. He had a way of looking after his own. But watch out! Owing the sheriff a favor was very much like selling your soul to the devil. In fact, Sheriff Buck seemed very much like the devil himself.

There was also a boy in town named Caleb, said to be the son of Sheriff Buck. ("Luke Caleb, I am your father!" —"No!") Will Caleb go over to the Dark Side of the Force? Or will he develop his own powers, and stand up to his father? (Ahem, archetypes common property of the collective unconscious, or something like that ;-)

Anyhow, at long last American Gothic is coming out on DVD. On October 25. You can preorder from Amazon now.


Blogger Francis W. Porretto said...

It sounds interesting, and worth a few bob to explore! Thanks for the recommendation.

Saturday, October 15, 2005 12:43:00 PM  

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