Thursday, February 16, 2006


Today is the big one they've been forecasting all week. Schools are closed. Events are canceled. And the snow is already falling. Only about an inch on the ground right now, but the forecast for this corner of Iowa is for "8 to 12 inches" by the time it lets up later today.

Of course, you know me, I think the forecasters love to exaggerate, and when they say "8 to 12 inches," I'm really expecting more like 4 inches— maybe 5 inches, tops. Still, that would be quite enough to bring this area lumbering to a halt for the day. Just in case, I laid in some extra groceries yesterday.

And I'm going to busy myself with office work today— perhaps catch up on the kind of miscellanies I never seem to have time for. I don't expect that today I'll be ranging out any farther than the mailbox.


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