Monday, February 20, 2006

"I'm a Canis Minor"

canis minor
Being the sort who's never taken astrology seriously, I decided some years back that when someone asked me that old question, "What's your sign?", I would be a bit of a wiseacre and say, "Me? I'm a Canis Minor."

You know, the constellation of Canis Minor, the Little Dog.

Okay, my birthday is June 24, I know actually that's Cancer, the Crab. But many years back I seem to remember seeing on an astronomical chart that the ecliptic runs through Canis Minor, between Gemini & Cancer, June 22-24. I dunno, maybe it does, maybe it doesn't. But it sounds good.

And that Canis Minor pup sure is one cool dog. Way cooler than any Twins or Crab. :-)



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