Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Bell bottom jeans are out. Pop art is out. Sixties rock is out. Lava lamps are out. Long hippie hair is out, though there was a time in the late 70s when crewcuts were "wouldn't be caught dead" out. The Age of Aquarius is out. Nehru jackets are out.

Typewriters are out. Manual typewriters are out. Electric typewriters are out. Crow quill pens are out. Vellum is out, papyrus is out, scrolls are out.

Dodos are out. Passenger pigeons are out. Quaggas are out. Whooping cranes and buffalo were almost out for a while, but they're back in now. The Tasmanian wolf is out. The aurochs is out. The giant ground sloth is out. The woolly mammoth is out. Dinosaurs are out, though they'll always be in in our hearts.

Studebakers are out. Stanley Steamers are out. Packards are out. The Nash Rambler is out. The Stutz Bearcat is out. The Pierce Arrow is out. The Model T is out. The horse drawn carriage is out, except in Amish country. Tail fins are out.

For the time being, summer is out. The full moon was in the other night, but now it's on the way out.

Raccoon fur coats are out. Speakeasies are out. Crystal radios are out. 23 Skidoo is out. Calvin Coolidge is out. Flappers are out. Mah Jongg is out. Silent movies are out.

"Oxen" is still in. But "eyen" is out. "Shoon" is out. "Thee bist" is out, except in parts of southwest England.

Floppy disks are out. DOS is out. WordStar is out. CP/M is out. Gopherspace is out. Project Xanadu was expected in sooner or later, but it's always been out. Glowing green Hercules monochrome monitors are out.

Galaga is out. Q-bert is out. Centipede is out. Asteroids is out. Galaxian is out. Pong is out. Battlezone is out. Dig Dug is out. Burger Time is out. Street Fighter is out. Frogger is out. Robotron is out. Tempest is out.

Conelrad is out. Charlie McCarthy is out. The Secret Storm is out. The Jackie Gleason show is out. Jack Benny is out. Lost in Space is out. Cowboy in Africa is out. The Mutual Broadcasting System is out. The Happy Station Show on Radio Nederland shortwave broadcasts is out. Ed Sullivan is out. Art Linkletter is out. Westerns are out.

Eating goldfish is out. The hula hoop is out. Streaking is out. Davy Crockett raccoon tail hats are out. Sock hops are out. Trays that perch on your driver's side window at drive-ins are out. The Brooklyn Dodgers are out. Mood rings are out. Mercury in thermometers is out. Half dollars are pretty much out. Dial phones are out. 8 track tapes are out. Turntables and vinyl records, alas, are out.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

*sigh* I miss Q-bert :(

Tuesday, February 06, 2007 11:52:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dang. ::takes off mood ring::

Wednesday, February 07, 2007 12:28:00 PM  

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