Tuesday, July 03, 2007

DSL Still Slow

Well, my DSL connection is still painfully slow and balky. As of Thursday, it will be four weeks. And not the first time it's been out like this. As recently as last November and December, we also had a slow-as-molasses DSL slowdown which ran almost a month. To say nothing of all the briefer slowdowns, a few days or the greater part of a week, between then and now.

Once we get past all our big local Fourth of July activities, which will be occupying my attention today and tomorrow, I'll have to get on the phone and call StupidISP.com, my small local mom n' pop Internet Service Provider. Of course, as I know from aggravating past experience, the first time I call them, they will flatly refuse to believe I'm having any problem. This seems to be their company "customer service" policy.


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