Saturday, November 27, 2004

First Snow

Well, we got our first snowfall of the season here today in northeasternmost Iowa. I'm just glad it came today, and not yesterday when I was driving back from visiting family over in Wisconsin for Thanksgiving.

First saw the snowflakes falling something past nine this morning. I popped over next door to the church, where some mothers were supervising kids putting frosting and decorations on cookies for after church tomorrow. I didn't really expect any accumulation at that point: medium-big fluffy flakes were falling and melting as they hit the ground.

But somehow, as of mid afternoon, the landscape has picked up a fair coat of white. I doubt it's an inch. You can still see the tops of blades of grass in some spots, and I don't see much snow right underneath the big spreading pines out back. But much of the ground here atop Wheatland Ridge is covered with white. It's well toward looking like Currier & Ives. A real snowfall, all right.


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