Monday, January 24, 2005

Accidental Verbosity

Over the weekend I dropped by Jay & Deb's Accidental Verbosity. And instead of a blog, I was greeted with one of those generic search/portal sites, "Home Page for - Coming soon"...

Try the following popular searches:
  • Winter Vacation

  • Discount Travel

  • Ski Vacations

  • Cheap Flight

  • Personal Finance

  • Mortgage

  • Real Estate Investing

And I was like, "Oh, shit! What in the world has happened here?!"

Caltechgirl has word of what's going on. Jay says:
Could you do me a favor and let people know that we have discovered our blog is down and have a support request in to Hosting Matters? As far as we know, either the domain was hijacked, or Hosting Matters allowed exactly 2 days for a check to be mailed, get to FL, and be credited before pulling the plug after billing us on the 19th. Since that is not like them, I am assuming it's something worse.

FWIW we are in Boston at Arisia, I got told about the outage by my brother via cell, and I managed to get computer time in the internet room to confirm it. There's a blizzard that could drop as much as 25" and we'll be lucky to get home tomorrow. Hell of a time for site antics. So much for leaving the laptop home and taking a couple days off from the addiction.
Here's hoping that things get straightened out without undue complications, and that Jay & Deb are back soon!

Update: 2:45 PM Central time, I find Accidental Verbosity back up and running again. Whew!


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