Thursday, September 15, 2005

A Day without the Internet

Well. I had no Internet access yesterday. Nada. I needed to get online, I was waiting on work-related e-mails from certain people, but no dice.

Actually, Tuesday the Internet kept going down for several minutes at a time. Then some time late Tuesday evening it went dead, and it was still down Wednesday morning, and on through mid Wednesday afternoon.

I wish I could say this is a rare occurrence around here, but I'm afraid it's not. Like, this is the third or fourth outage of this magnitude in the past six weeks; to say nothing of all the briefer burps and glitches. Unfortunately, our small local "Mom & Pop" ISP is the only game in town. Such are the hazards of living far out into the countryside, remote from any urban areas, cities, or even large towns.

And you know, in this day and age, us regular Internet users start getting twitchy when we're deprived of our fix? Sort of like a smoker who's run out of cigarettes.


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