Monday, October 31, 2005

Standard Time: I Forgot

Oops! I forgot to turn my clocks back Saturday night. Didn't remember until I got up in the middle of the night, around 3 AM— my clocks said 4 AM— to check something out on my computer, which had set itself to Standard Time automatically.

In fact, sitting here on a Monday morning, I still haven't gotten around to changing the clocks here in my house. I've just been mentally subtracting an hour.

Good thing the time change was in my favor. In my line of work, forgetting the time change in the spring could prove embarrassing— as in, hearing the church bell ringing next door while I'm still eating breakfast in the parsonage. :-)

Actually, I've never believed in the whole railroad-era idea of time zones. In a world where we communicate instantly with people around the globe in various time zones, there's no good reason we couldn't go back to sun time. You would rapidly get a fair idea of how many minutes ahead or behind of you communities so many miles to the east or west of you were. And in today's world it would be trivial to write a program (or build the conversion functionality into a calculator) to punch in the zip code or name of a town, and read out its local sun time.


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