Friday, March 03, 2006

A Day of Fragments

Well. I survived the transition into Lent, after an entire pre-Ash-Wednesday week of preparatory rush. Got up Thursday morning with traces of a black smudge still on my forehead. And now, yesterday and today, my job is to rush some more, in the brief lull before the weekend and next week. I'm going to be away on study leave a few days next week, plus Confirmation class, plus Midweek Lenten service and launching the Midweek Lenten sermon series, plus launching the Lenten Bible study next Thursday... In short, any further prep work for this week or next either gets done today, or else not before next Friday at the very earliest.

Visions of the recently ordered Shogi set dance in my head.

A book I recently ordered from Amazon may arrive today. (This is getting altogether too easy, ordering books and whatnot over the Internet...)

Learned last night on the phone that my Mom has been down with the flu the past day or two, though now slowly on the mend.

Bank. Got to remember to visit the bank today. Got some checks to deposit. And I need cash, since I'll be heading out toward that study leave dealie Sunday afternoon already.

Humidifier in the living room. Refill it, it's almost empty.

What else am I forgetting?

Bits and pieces and fragments. So it goes sometimes.


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