Friday, March 10, 2006

Penguin's Progress

(Yes, I know, I recycle images shamelessly... so sue me! :-)

The tidying up of my Mandriva 2006 installation proceeds apace. Last night I restored the Windows True Type Fonts— last remaining vestigial trace of the "alas poor Yorick" Windows 98SE which was on this IBM ThinkPad when I bought it. (No, my computer is not dual boot. No Windows anymore. Linux-only.)

Took care of the disconcerting tendency of the cursor to change size, depending on which window it was hovering over. This called for adding to my .Xdefaults file the line:
Xcursor.size: 24
And I found out how to deactivate that dang resource-hog desktop-search-tool "Kat"— not documented anywhere, except in the Google cache of a single website; here it is, add the appropriate empty file to your home directory by running the following command from the command line:
touch ~/.mdv-no_kat
And so it goes. Step by step I pull the loose ends together.



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