Sunday, March 05, 2006

Study Leave

Uh, no, I ain't going on study leave after all. As of this noon we've got several inches on the ground already (a neighbor tells me over the phone they've got 4½" at their place), and an afternoon of snow yet to come. And down to the south of us, they've got it worse than we do, "snow covered highways" and all. All the way to Dubuque, my would-have-been destination.

Can you believe, for once the weather forecasters underpredicted the snow we were going to get?! Like, way underpredicted it?!

Assuming the roads are passable by tomorrow, I'd get down there by the forenoon; that is to say, halfway through the event. So, made the requisite calls, canceled out, and will have a somewhat less hectic first full week of Lent. I can live with that. :-)


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