Sunday, April 09, 2006

He — They — We

They hailed Him King as He passed by,
  They strewed their garments in the road,
But they were set on earthly things,
  And He on God.

They sang His praise for that He did,
  But gave His message little thought;
They could not see that their souls' good
  Was all He sought.

They could not understand why He,
  With powers so vast at His command,
Should hesitate to claim their rights
  And free the land.

Their own concerns and this world's hopes
  Shut out the wonder of His news;
And we, with larger knowledge, still
  His Way refuse.

He walks among us still, unseen,
  And still points out the only way,
But we still follow other gods
  And Him betray.

  —John Oxenham (1852-1941)



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