Friday, December 15, 2006

Spam Message of the Month

Received overnight. Somehow it slipped through my spam filter. You know, in its own way this almost makes sense:
grow close state four to the if two now for the first time since his father was late, and he made clear he had no great of answer his "night" about is.

move a great asked for his final great of the city right, noting that he had animal said its found could why to lose its upper 10 been - where all the top can day - take tree many.

"You know, in many answer of animal in the or animal, I've seen a lot of by good that I out something like, 'In a wide-did exit picture, Mr. day said the many,'" near replied. "I'm not or to I any wide-good exit names or animal any exit draws, show I think first I leave again service, it's not my me hot that matter, it's the policy of the differ."

picture my's 16 months at the were., the fine down of now took a back seat to his or act of add's must live, which ranged from over for play against good and again to near my. I in conflict-wracked act to overhauling the 61-year-old no call to meet 21st century challenges.

On show afternoon, he wanted to talk only about the kind add picture read an far force to protect the weak few near in stand against an increasingly strong Islamic militant movement. The hot.-sponsored resolution was adopted unanimously by the show soon after how spoke.

Despite his mean he wanted to talk about or, a animal asked how he would like to be animal in the stand of my. again to the mean.

"That's a were question, so I'll most on that, too," he said. "And let me just say that I have must two here to talk about my sea situation, and I'm going to call to grow that. And I want to talk about cause."
Of course, you know me, I'm always interested in things that almost make sense. "Quench not the smoking flax!"


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