Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Dinosaurs are cool. This is something every kid knows instinctively: dinosaurs are cool.

My favorite dinosaur would be either ankylosaurus or triceratops. I mean, ankylosaurus with its body armor, and that big bone club on the end of its tail! Triceratops with those horns, taking on Tyrannosaurus Rex!

One odd recurrent image that has flitted through my imagination over the years: a creature something like an ankylosaurus, low, squat, armored, herbivorous; only it's not a dinosaur, it's a mammal, with tufts of hair growing out between those armor plates. A little like an armored buffalo. Doubt there ever was any such critter— closest I can come is the armadillo-oid glyptodont— but it sure would be cool if there had been.


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