Friday, January 26, 2007

"Hey, Is That a Witney Five-Pointer?"

So yesterday I was down in Waukon, and I was wearing my new wool coat, and I stopped off at Pamida to pick up a few things. I had just paid at the cash register, and I was heading for the door, when I was accosted by a fellow, a perfect stranger, about my age, and about my size, and with an even scruffier beard than mine.

He said, "That shore is a nice big coat there. Hey, is that a Witney five-pointer?"

He went on, "I got me a coat made from a Witney blanket at home, somep'n like that. Well, shore enough, it's a five-pointer!"

We talked a while. Turns out he's a historical reenactor. He wanted to know if I was planning on attending the Rendezvous "down in Prairie." (Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, for those who aren't from this neck of the woods.)

Well, I'll be. Hadn't reckoned on my coat being quite that "recognizable."



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