Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Fiction (Indexed)

Most recently written stories first:

Which Dwell in the Ravine — The ranch has been in Jeff's family for generations. And out on the ranch is a deep and inaccessible ravine, a ravine which must always be kept secret from the outside world.

Chimneysweep — Reo Kenner is one of the last humans left alive. Again and again he suffers unbearable ordeals, as the robots, who hate him, send him down the Chimney.

Skeetchee — Various and wondrous are the forms intelligent life may assume. On a far distant world, Skeetchee flies through the morning sky on thousands of wings.

And the Little Rocking Horses Came... — This is the way the world ends... not with a bang, not with a whimper, but with an all-devouring horde of little rocking-horse flies.

"My Name Is Lloyd Vacuum" — "...Double L, Double U." Then he grows another few inches. Every time.

The Luddite Cyborg — An obsolete and long-outmoded cyborg/Marine is mankind's last hope against a brand new, state-of-the-art posthuman/AI symbiosis. An escaped, genocidal posthuman whose IQ is 3000, and climbing rapidly.

The Sadrin — Hanging in the sky above your neighborhood, the Sadrin monitors and records your every word, your every deed, your every nightmare cry in the night.

"I See Windmills by the Sands of the Seashore..." — It is the late 21st century, two generations after the Singularity was permanently but only just narrowly prevented from arriving. And young Thom is beginning to wake up to the wonder and the glory of the world around him.

When Karma Fails, Call for Rob — He travels the corridors of space and time, meting out harsh retribution to everyday bullies. "Vengeance is mine!" says Rob.

Blue Mind of Death — Imagine if Microsoft supplied the "operating system" for your brain, the way they supply the operating system for your computer.

Paranoid Apocalyptic Short Story — Years ago he dropped out, covered his tracks, and retreated to a quiet hut in the mountains. But now conscience calls him to step forth and use his powers again, even at the cost of revealing his existence to Fatherland Security.

* * *

Wingmen — For centuries they have been hated, feared, and conscripted as a human air corps. Now the wingmen are coming back home to the Caucasus.

Chinese Columbus — In thirteen hundred ninety-two, Meng Ling-ch'u sailed the ocean blue. An alternate history of America.

Beneath the Wheeling Metal Stars of Night — The world revolution has come. "New Justice" reigns on earth. Imagine a boot stamping on a human face— forever.

And Usher in These Latter Days — Jilted and mocked, college biology major Cal Miller carries out the ultimate act of bioterrorism.

Yellowstripes — You befriended a creature from beyond. Now you live in a darkened basement, while the world fears and loathes what you have become.

Bearing Light — They roam the galaxy, seeking to corrupt innocent alien races. They are professional serpents in Eden. Like Lucifer himself, they are bearing light.

The Golem — A skeleton named Skeptre is draining the world of its colors, one by one... while Janos labors to build mankind's last hope, a statue of clay.


Blogger Rob Windstrel Watson said...

Nice collection of online short stories.

'When Karma Fails, Call for Rob' caught my eye, probably because it's my name.

It has great pace and the religious overtones prompt interesting questions.

I've linked through from my Collection of Short Stories Online blog.

Hope it helps


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