Friday, September 07, 2007

Man or Machine?

McGehee is writing an interesting story called Inorganism over at his blog. As our technological devices becomes more and more sophisticated, and we grow more and more dependent on them, at what point do the boundaries between man and machine indistinguishably blur?

Regular readers of my blog (all five of them) will recognize that questions of this sort have exercised me in several of my works of fiction. Transhumanism, nanotechnology, AI, genetic engineering, the Singularity... I'm far from convinced that we're headed where some transhumanists and singularitarians say we're headed on these fronts. Though if we are, I tend to take a fairly grim and pessimistic view of it all. We just may luck out. Or more likely we will find out, as Bill Joy put it, Why the Future Doesn't Need Us.


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