Monday, September 03, 2007

O Traffic, Where Art Thou?

Hunh. Several months ago, I was wondering why my blog traffic was growing exponentially— up, in just a few months, from something over a thousand visits per month to more than six thousand visits per month.

Well, wonder no more. That was May, this is September. And over the summer my blog traffic has declined as precipitously as it grew:
Jan: 1770
Feb: 1515
Mar: 3080
Apr: 4726
May: 6236
Jun: 3876
Jul: 3554
Aug: 1434
It all comes down to Google, and in particular, Google Images. My blog has all but dropped out of Google; not quite 100%, but say 99% of the way. A large part of that spike in traffic was due to tons of visits from Google Image searches.

Now I'm back down more to the level of "real" visits. Visits from regular and occasional visitors to my blogs. Visits by way of various links out there. And also visits from various other search engines.

Remaining question: Why did I experience that surge in Google hits there for several months?


Blogger Unknown said...

well i found this place looking for chess variations, throuh google, maybe image search.. just got put up a couple months back with tens of thousands of users... maybe a lot of folks did the same thing i did?

Saturday, September 08, 2007 3:16:00 PM  

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