Monday, January 24, 2005

Link Reciprocity Non-Policy

My blogroll is more or less a reflection of those blogs which I've got bookmarked in my browser. Most of them, blogs I visit regularly. Some of them, blogs where I sometimes leave comments. No, there's no neat, tidy principle or criterion behind my blogroll: some other time we'll get into what I think of those misbegotten hyper-rationalists who fondly imagine that everything in life either can or should be reducible to neat, tidy, principles or criteria.

Anyhow. I never ask anyone I've blogrolled to reciprocate, except perhaps in the occasional case where they state explicitly on their blog that if you link them, they'll link you. But I'm always happy if someone I've blogrolled does return the favor.

Likewise, if you'd like to trade blogroll links with me, drop me a line. Long as your blog doesn't unusually churn up my stomach acid, I'd be glad to do that quid pro quo thing.


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