Friday, April 08, 2005

More on "Mandriva"

By my unscientific estimate, reactions at Slashdot, OSNews, and alt.os.linux.mandrake have been running 50 to 1 against "Mandriva" as the new name for Mandrakelinux. To quote only one comment among multitudes: "Did they think at all? Did the board meet and seriously think this was a good idea? I just can't understand how these things happen. I can't comprehend one person being so stupid, let alone an entire corporation. Was there no one to stand up and say 'STOP, this is quite possibly the WORST NAME EVER INVENTED'?"

I also notice that, if you Google on the term "Mandriva," one of the top search results is a recent anti-"Mandriva" thread on entitled, "let's choose a better name for OUR distro." Mysteriously enough, if you click on the link, you are led to a completely unrelated thread entitled Software group joins EC's MS crusade. But you can still find the original thread (and it's an eye-opener) cached in Google.



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