Saturday, October 28, 2006

Daylight Confusion Time

Okay, my head is feeling like molasses about this, but I think I've finally got it figured out: when I change my clocks tonight, I should turn them back one hour, right?

Back one hour, not ahead one hour. Or maybe it's the other way around.

Seems there's this slogan, "Spring forward, fall back." Or is that "Fall forward, spring back"? There's also some British form of the slogan, inscrutable as British English usually is, which runs, "Leap ahead, autumn spring behind," or somesuch.

I've already caused enough confusion on this point locally. I have a calendar hanging on my kitchen wall, professionally printed, which actually gives the wrong date for the end of Daylight Savings Time. Yes, this calendar, for which I paid good money, says that on October 22, "Daylight Savings Time ends."

As president of our local Lions Club, I included this on the list of dates to give to the editor of our Lions newsletter. Then at the Lions board meeting we caught the mistake. Only I forgot to change it on the slip of paper which I gave to the editor, and he forgot that we had caught it, so when he put out the newsletter the following week, it said, under Dates to Remember: "October 22, Daylight Savings Time Ends."

I had to pay a fine at our Lions dinner meeting, and I found one member of the club had actually believed the newsletter, and set all his clocks back last weekend. Oh well. Just remember— somehow the clock changes this weekend, this weekend and not last, and if you're not confused already, you're doing better than I am.


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