Monday, December 13, 2004

One Month Ago This Evening

Yes, it was one month ago this evening that I somehow accidentally acquired a blog, whilst registering to post a comment on Caltechgirl's blog. Still don't know quite how it happened. But one month later, here I am, still blogging.

I find that many of the misgivings I originally had about blogging are still with me. Nevertheless, here I am, still at it, posting five or six days a week, and pretty much enjoying it. My thanks to those who've shown interest and given encouragement, especially blogmom Caltechgirl; Dean; Jay and Deb; Dowingba; IB Bill; and of course my brother Steven. To say nothing of a number of regular lurkers whose IP addresses have become familiar in my stats. Thank you!

In celebration of this one-month blogiversary, I'll have a special extended pictorial feature up tomorrow. You know it's gonna be quirky, and twisted, and like we say around here, "Let the Finder Beware"!


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