Monday, December 13, 2004


It was windy around here yesterday. Then last night it got even windier. I could hear the wind roaring in the trees. Heard this morning on the radio that some areas got 65 mile an hour winds last night.

Hope it didn't cause any damage. Around the end of August we got some heavy wind with a storm that came through. It brought a large branch (over 15 feet) down in my front yard. When I went out the next morning, I discovered the wind had also brought down a large branch from a pine tree back by the cemetery; and another large branch on my roof, which in fact covered most of the roof of the house; as well as blowing the metal chimney cap off the chimney of the old German schoolhouse over on the other side of the church.

All through this fall, whenever we've gotten another storm or strong wind, it's brought down more branches that were broken off in August and lodged up in a couple of big trees around here. Now that the leaves are gone, you can see a big branch, over 10 feet, in a tree out in front of the house, which is bent the wrong way and still covered with dead leaves. I suppose that will have to be cut free and brought down.


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