Thursday, January 06, 2005

More Weather Yet

This weather has got to let up. First, starting Saturday, the area was pretty well paralyzed for several days by an ice storm. Then, just as conditions around here were starting to improve (emphasis on the word "starting") snow started falling yesterday morning. And it continued to fall, most of the day. Bad enough, that I canceled confirmation classes for last night.

And it looks like a little more snow fell overnight. Actually I'm surprised that we didn't get more snow than we did. But still, it looks like several inches. Nothing like the foot or more of snow that fell further south into Iowa. (Indeed, on the radio this morning, I hear some areas to the south of us got 17 inches of snow.) But we got enough snow in this northeasternmost corner of Iowa that the local schools are closed for today.

Let's see, schools were closed here Monday and Tuesday due to the ice. Schools here closed early yesterday, due to the snow. And now they're closed again today. The kids around here have hit the snow-day jackpot, never mind that if we get much more snow they're going to have to make it up in June.

I don't know. This is loose, drifting snow. Underneath, there's a coat of ice which is just as slick as ever, as I discovered when I ventured outside yesterday. Not good driving weather. But I may have to creep in to town today, if only to replenish such staples as milk, bread, coffee, and pizza.


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