Thursday, January 27, 2005

Revolving Foreign Trade Credit Debentures

I have no idea what revolving foreign trade credit debentures are. I have no idea whether there even is any such thing as revolving foreign trade credit debentures.

Years ago I made up the phrase "revolving foreign trade credit debentures" to indicate some vague dulldust technical topic which nobody but a policy wonk or a grey-haired news commentator could possibly be interested in. You know, somebody who's in contention for the Eric Sevareid Earache Severehead News Pundit Award of the Year.

(I remember, from back probably 35 years ago, Earache Severehead delivering some dull-as-dust commentary on TV in which he used the phrases "revolving non sequiturs" and "plutonium by parcel post." That latter doesn't seem quite so droll in this day and age.)

Anyhow, if you want to sound really up on the sort of current-events coverage that could put Sominex out of business, you can go around nattering and grommishing about "The G8 Nations Meet to Discuss Revolving Foreign Trade Credit Debentures." Or "Activists Gather to Protest Revolving Foreign Trade Credit Debentures."

Or how about "The Blogosphere Snarks and Chatters On about Revolving Foreign Trade Credit Debentures"?


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