Saturday, February 05, 2005

Trapped in a Bookcase

Once several years ago I had this dream, as is recorded in my Book of Dreams:

One night last week I had a dream that I came into this room and these fellows there started ridiculing me, then one of them retreated back behind a pillar or something but I could still see him, and so I used my psionic powers to levitate him, at high velocity, right up head first into the ceiling.

And then they were coming at me, I was shoving them back roughly with levitation, then they were firing on me with machine guns and I was psionically deflecting the bullets. And then, when they kept closing in on me, I used my levitational powers to make their heads explode, one after another.

Then I left, and in another room outside (it was in the library) were some Internet terminals which I could use to look things up, only most of the people in there were Leftists from Costa Rica or something, so they would be displeased at most of the topics I would be looking up.

And then I went out of the library, into a long hallway with a large, glass fronted wooden bookcase down at the far end. And this guy standing there had long sharp scissors which he was going to use to stab someone, and so I took the scissors away from him, and then he ran down the hallway and vanished right into the glass front of the bookcase, just like Alice through the looking glass.

And there were all sorts of wooden office chairs cluttering the hallway, and so I levitated a chair, fast as cannon shot, right down the hallway and into the front of the bookcase. And the chair vanished right through the glass into the bookcase, like through the looking glass.

And so I did this with one wooden chair after another, hoping to hit the fellow where he was hiding, inside the bookcase, but with each chair it was the same thing, it would pass right through the glass and vanish into the bookcase. And then one time, I didn't levitate a chair with enough force, and so it got hung up halfway through, parts of the chair just hanging there, suspended, sticking out through the glass. And so then I levitated a big wooden table at high speed, to knock the chair the rest of the way in, and the table also flew right in through the glass front and vanished.

And so then I walked up to the bookcase, and I pressed my fingers against the glass and my fingers went right in through the surface of the glass and came back out again, like dipping your fingertips into the water of a glassy calm pool. And so I decided to walk right through the glass front of the bookcase myself, like Alice through the looking glass, and confront this fellow inside the bookcase. And I walked right through the glass into the world inside the bookcase.

And it was indeed an entire world inside, much bigger on the inside than out, and there were vast dank stone walls, vaulted arches, vast and silent like a deserted cathedral. And it was almost completely dark, just a touch of dim bluish green light from somewhere above, like the last light filtering down into the depths of the ocean.

And I turned around to walk back out, a small foyer with the glass front of the bookcase opaque from the inside, only I found that I couldn't get back out again, the glass was now solid and wouldn't allow anything back out. And with a pang of horror I feared that I was trapped in the world inside the bookcase.

And then, in one corner of the foyer, I saw the guardian of this world within: a long, tall, thin pillar, fluted, like Greek or something, and atop the pillar a small head, glaring at me with lampbright glowing red eyes. And I felt like screaming.

And I woke up, screaming into the night: "Who's there? Who's there?"



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