Monday, January 31, 2005


Near my home town over in Wisconsin, they've got a state game farm where they've got all sorts of animals. I remember going out there when I was a kid. It was like going to the zoo.

In later years (after I was grown up and gone) they got some buffalo at the game farm. These buffalo were in this large open pasture, surrounded by a fence. Though I heard from a friend of mine who worked at the game farm one summer that, if the buffalo really got riled up, that fence likely wouldn't have kept them in.

On this fence there was a sign, for the benefit of visitors:

Please Do Not Annoy the Buffalo

Well, duh.

Though can't you just imagine some adolescent slacker who was too stupid to read (or heed) the sign? Can't you just imagine his final screams? It would've been almost as good as Jurassic Park.


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