Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Nine Questions

Some people hear music in their head. Well, I do too, but sometimes I hear odd forms of words instead.

I often find these tuneless snatches burbling up out of the depths of my mind, like late-night voices swelling up out of the static between stations on the radio dial. Or like The Beatles' Revolution 9. Usually they slip back into the submnemonic depths from whence they came, forgotten almost as soon as they are formed. But once in a while, when my mind is still, I manage to snag a few and hang onto them.

I'm on vacation this week. My mind is still. And what (if anything) any of this mental flotsam and jetsam may mean, I leave to you:

1. Q. How can it be that "is" is?
    A. "'Is' Is" Is.

2. Q. Is "is" is, or is "is" isn't?
    A. Definitely is.

3. Q. Do I have the whole pie?
    A. No, you haven't, but others may have: begrudge them that not.

4. Q. Can it all be said?
    A. Whereof one cannot blent, thereof one must be stegnant.

5. Q. Why is blue blue?
    A. Blue always comes fifth; better start with red, black, white, green.

6. Q. May I?
    A. If you need to ask, you dasn't.

7. Q. But what if I really, really want to?
    A. Already you're pretending that you're not angling for excuses.

8. Q. Why me?
    A. From half past ten till half past midnight, FIRE...

9. Q. Any question with no answer?
      Nine, nein, NINE.

Bonus geek points to the first person who can identify who my roving subconscious borrowed the answers to 4 and 8 from: no fair googling!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Q#3, Actually, feel sorry for those that have the whole pie because they also invariably have a tummy-ache.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005 9:04:00 PM  
Blogger Mr. E said...

Just like Lucy said, you don't need a whole pie. Just as long as the piece you have suits your needs and you did not take it from another person without their permission. I hope that you have had a great vacation!

Saturday, May 21, 2005 3:25:00 PM  

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