Wednesday, August 24, 2005

A Biker? Who, Me?!

me on a harley 4
Yesterday I visited my friend Greg, and somehow I ended up transforming into a biker. Yes, that's me, sitting on Greg's new Harley.

Greg and I used to work together, lo many years ago, in the world of wholesale sports merchandise. (That's a story for another day.) He's a maestro of the warehouse, and these days his forte is games. If you're into games, Gen Con, and the like, odds are you're playing games that have passed through Greg's hands.

me on a harley 2

Anyhow, we visited and caught up on news as Greg filled orders and whatnot around the warehouse. Into the evening, we had a cookout, brats and chips and pickles and Wisconsin's own Spotted Cow Ale. Then watched an old episode of The Avengers.

Greg was also showing me his new Harley, and he decided I'd make a natural biker. Hence the pictures.

BTW, here's Greg, in his usual haunts: