Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Watching Baseball

Okay, get this straight: ordinarily I have virtually no interest in sports. Indeed, about the only way I can work up genuine interest in a sports event is if somebody I'm acquainted with is playing in it. Though I always say that if I were interested in a sport, it would probably be baseball.

Nonetheless. Every year baseball season rolls around, and I pay no attention. Or rather, this year I did listen to maybe half a dozen Brewers games on the radio. Something like that. Still, a lifetime of disinterest is not easily overcome.

However, yesterday someone dropped by and happened to mention that the baseball playoffs were starting. So, would you believe it, last night I actually found myself watching the Yankees versus the Angels on TV?!

I don't know enough about baseball to engage in any real commentary without sounding like an idiot, so I'll limit myself to the obvious: how about that first inning?

I hardly ever watch TV, and this is the first time I've even had my TV turned on in weeks— maybe the first time I've had my TV turned on since way back some time into the summer. As usual, I'm always surprised at the state of special effects in TV commercials, my perception of which is frozen back circa 1995. I was also surprised last night at how many of the commercials were for computerized or other high-tech gizmos. A TV commercial for servers??! And was that a cell phone that downloads music from iTunes or whatever??!


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