Monday, March 13, 2006

The New Japanese Chess Set Is Here!

Well, the new Shogi set is here. The Shogi (or "Japanese Chess") pieces arrived in the mail Thursday from Japan, and the board arrived Saturday.

shogi closeup
As I was remarking recently, Shogi has been a fascination of mine for 35 years— though only now have I managed at long last to lay my hands on a good Shogi set. This set really is a thing of beauty— Japanese characters carved into the boxwood pieces, big thick sturdy wooden board.

Today is my day off, so I'll probably be sitting around and working through games out of Fairbairn.

And if you're looking for high quality Japanese Chess pieces, board, whatever— check out the Shogi items at Hirohurl, that's where I got mine from. Excellent service, and everything arrived here in Iowa, all the way from Japan, carefully packed and quickly. In fact, Hirohurl has an entire shop of cool Japanese stuff. Check it out!

Update, 9/07: is now Japanese Games Shop.

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