Friday, November 10, 2006

Dubuque Dubuque (Na Na Na, Na Na Na, Na Na, Na Na)

Back from study leave in Dubuque. And tired. The lectures were deathly dull and boring, those of them that I bothered attending.

At the hotel, they didn't have the room I'd reserved ready yet when I checked in, so they gave me another room instead. With a jacuzzi.

Wandered over to the Shot Tower Inn for supper Wednesday evening. Pizza, beer.

Hit a few antique stores in downtown Dubuque, plus the Catholic religious supply store. Oh, and at the antique mall in Dyersville, on the way down, I found two cool old pop bottles! White Eagle Soda from somewhere out in Massachusetts, and Werbelow's from Shawano, Wisconsin, black and orange design with a knight in armor on horseback.

And saw a special on public TV in my hotel room, Warplane, about the development of military aircraft in WWI and WWII.

Am still unwinding this morning. And I got back just in time: according to the forecasts, we're supposed to get snow today.


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