Monday, November 20, 2006


Hanging out together: Clyde; Fast Eddie; The Duffer; the cat. Not present: Poindexter

The Duffer: "Hey, youse guys! You should see this out the window... Lookit... there's this tomahawk just sorta floatin' an' bobbin' around in the air, out in the yard... It's a blasted tomahawk, just hangin' there in thin air! I bin watchin' it now five minutes..."

Fast Eddie: "Aw, c'moffit, Duffer! [Opens front door] Lemme show you... that tomahawks do not just hang around floatin' in thin—" K'CHINK!!! [Fast Eddie collapses, with a tomahawk in his forehead]

The Duffer: "H-hey, Clyde! D-do you suppose Eddie is dead?"

Clyde: "Dead? Of course he's dead!! Ain't you never seen a tomahawk before, Duff? I 'member the time, one summer on my grandfather's farm outside Antigo, there was this tomahawk around... We seen it floatin' in the air, out by the barn... Hey, Duff— ya gonna help me clean up before Eddie bleeds all over the rug?"
Tomahawks are often seen in an area of Wisconsin stretching from Antigo to Green Bay. Late July and August are the thickest "tomahawk season."

Have you educated yourself and your family on the danger of tomahawks— especially if you'll be "up north" this summer? Do you know what safety procedures you should follow— when a tomahawk has been sighted in your area?

Do you know what to do— if you should see a tomahawk floating in the woods when you are alone? What if you can't get behind glass in time? What if the tomahawk shifts into "super speed"?
—A public service announcement of the Wisconsin Public Safety Commission.


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