Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Look, It's a Luddite PDA!

luddite pda
Here's an item that arrived from Levenger yesterday, and it's an item that's just designed to warm my Selective Luddite™ heart. Levenger calls it a "pocket briefcase," but I call it a Luddite PDA.

Look at that thing! Made of fine leather. Powered by an operating system which is commonly known as 3x5 cards. Yes, you just slip some 3x5 cards in the front, and you're ready to go. No batteries required. As you fill up a card, you peel it off and file it away in one of several pockets in the device. Thus the pockets can be used to organize your finished cards. Or you can even use one pocket to hold an extra supply of blank 3x5 cards. I tell you, this handy-dandy device just can't be beat!

But wait, there's more! The big pocket in the middle also carries... a 2007/2008 calendar, and a flat plastic Fresnel magnifying lens! What marvels of technology will they think of next?!

In all seriousness, this "Luddite PDA" will come in handy in meetings where I've formerly had to tote a full-sized clipboard with me just for the sake of jotting down a few notes.

Of course, I'm going to write on this thing with my fountain pen. And it's going to find a place of honor on my desk right alongside my slide rule and rocker blotter.



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