Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Ordering Online

I've noted before how much of my shopping I'm doing online recently. Well, within the past week I've placed a flurry of orders— it has something to do with the arrival of the slower part of the year for me, from now on through Labor Day my schedule slows down tremendously.

The green blotter paper arrived the other day. Now at long last I have green blotter paper, instead of brown, for my cherry wood rocker blotter.

I have some books on order from Barnes & Noble, and from Borders ("partnered with Amazon"). Hey, I had some gift cards begging to be used! Several science fiction novels by Philip K. Dick. And a couple of books on the history and design of playing cards in the United States.

Also ordered some Pigma Micron pens and some Rhodia note pads from an art supply outfit.

But my major purchase of these past few days is a new Shogi board. Shogi, or Japanese chess. I've already got a nice set of Shogi pieces, and a folding wooden Shogi board. What I've ordered now is a more "upper end" board: several inches thick, big block of wood like a butcher's block, sitting on wooden legs. It will be shipping to me from Japan soon. More on that when it arrives.


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