Wednesday, August 29, 2007

As Summer Draws to a Close

Here we are, coming up on the end of August. By my calendration, summer ends either with the end of August, or with Labor Day weekend. So I gear up once again for the faster and busier season of the fall...

I've lived with this rhythm, summer slower and the rest of the year faster, for most of my life. Because, you know, I've spent most of my life either in various school settings or in various church settings. In either case, things slow down in the summer, then speed back up again for the fall.

As it now stands, I'm gearing up for the rapidly approaching Missionfest, and then the beginning of Confirmation classes, and so it goes.

I was going to read some books this summer; and maybe I did, though don't ask me to name any titles; but I certainly didn't read as many books as I'd been planning. I was going to sort through two large closets of boxes full of old papers, but that's become something of a joke, every summer I say I'm going to do it and every summer it never happens. I was going to relax this summer... well, yes, I did relax.

Seems to me life is best when there's a rhythm to it. Slower in the summer, faster the rest of the year. So I gear up for the coming of the fall season and the fall schedule...


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