Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Golf Clubs and Chimichangas

So that computer I needed... my brother came up with a computer, minus the monitor. And my friend Greg came up with a flatscreen monitor off a fellow who owed him a favor. So yesterday afternoon I headed back down to Greg's warehouse, where we got the computer with monitor up and running (along with some extra RAM that Greg had lying around), and hooked up to Greg's network along with his other computers.

And I sat there the afternoon, installing endless Windows updates. Also installing anti-virus updates, Internet Explorer 7, newer versions of Sun Java, Adobe Flash, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Windows Media Player, and whatnot. Scanning the hard drive for viruses. Defragmenting the hard drive.

After watching YouTube videos of Iron Chef and some Japanese dude playing Shogi to lose, Greg and I headed out to some golf shop across town. Greg is getting into golf, he got some clubs and other items. Then over to Best Buy for a few items; I got 300 on DVD for myself, and A Scanner Darkly on DVD for Greg, seeing as he wouldn't take any money for the monitor. After that it was back through a dizzying web of roads and shopping centers to a Mexican restaurant, where we had a late supper of chimichangas, plus the obligatory (in this hot summer weather) iced tea.

Out after that to Woodman's. Greg worked there at one time, and he was explaining to me the order in which items were restocked in the produce department. Then back to the warehouse, where I tinkered a bit further with the computer before loading it into my Jeep, and then back to my folks' place.

And I slept hardly a wink last night, and the wool blanket and other items are due to arrive by UPS today, and I have yet another social engagement this evening. In the meanwhile, I'm just sitting around resting. May take a nap this morning. This is, after all, vacation time.


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