Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Or, well, not quite telemarketers, I guess both these calls yesterday fit through loopholes in the national Do Not Call list. But still...

One call yesterday afternoon, from the bank that issues the credit card I've had for over 20 years. Some damn recording, wanting to switch me over to a new card with a lower interest rate. Hello, I pay off my balance in full every month, so what do I care what the interest rate is? I hung up on the recording.

I repeat, I've had this credit card for over 20 years. A few times they've phoned me to make sure it was actually I who had made a purchase, when it was a big purchase and slightly outside my usual buying patterns. But this is the first time they've ever phoned me to try to push some new service on me. Hope they don't make a habit of it, or I may be looking for a new credit card elsewhere...

Second call into the evening hours, from (I think) the Newt Gingrich campaign, something about how Gingrich is down on the decline of America, and will I listen to his recorded message and then wait for them to come back on afterwards and get my reaction... Said I: "Sorry, no thanks." Then, without waiting for a reply, I hung up.

Really. Political calls. Calls from outfits you're doing business with. I realize that technically these slip through a loophole. But do these people really think I want to be disturbed at home with such needless digressions and unsolicited distractions?


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