Friday, December 24, 2004

Mandrakelinux 10.1, Installed at Last

Well, late yesterday afternoon I got home from visiting someone, sat down at my desk with my IBM ThinkPad, clenched my teeth, and finally installed Mandrakelinux 10.1, which I've had sitting around now for a couple of weeks.

And it works. It works beautifully. Though I have a lot of tinkering ahead of me these next several days, restoring the data I backed up to zip disks, and reconfiguring everything back to the way I'm used to.

The installation went quite smoothly. I did a clean install, repartitioned my hard drive so as to get rid of that small Win98 partition that I haven't used in ages.

The old Savage S3 "scrolling hang" bug is still present, a characteristic not of Mandrake but of my graphics card. I edited a config file, added a line which cures the problem.

At present I'm using the KDE desktop, Mozilla, and my old Hotmail account (ke4081_3 at you-know-what, for anyone who absolutely has to reach me right now). Over the next several days, as time allows (I would have to do this right before Christmas, wouldn't I?!), I'll be migrating back to the Fluxbox window manager; Opera; and for e-mail, Sylpheed. By the way, you would think they'd still include Fluxbox on the Mandrake CDs?! Oh well, I've already downloaded a tarball of the source code for the latest version of Fluxbox, I can compile it if need be. Or probably I can find it in contrib, once I set myself back up with the UW-Madison computer science department FTP mirror.

Screenshots once I've gotten things back to something like normal!

Anyhow... after a couple of weeks of dawdling around and not having (or finding) the time, I've got Mandrake 10.1 up and running at last!



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