Monday, July 25, 2005

Rain but Still Hot

Last week we finally got some rain around here— my rain gauge registered 2½ inches total Wednesday and Thursday, and then another 2.1 inches on Saturday. And I'm rather suspecting we're in for more rain today. Much needed, gracias.

Nonetheless, temperatures yesterday were in the 90s. As they've been most days now for, well, it seems like most of July. Saturday was cooler, things stayed in the 70s. But yesterday was a scorcher round here again, and I hear over in Chicago it hit 103°. In fact last night up at Rochester (Minnesota) it only got down to 72° overnight— warmest low on record for July 24.

Today, it's supposed to be hot and muggy once again.

Oh well, Mr. Radio Announcer Man was just saying the forecast is for "cooler later this week." We can hope.


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