Friday, July 15, 2005

The Midpoint of Summer

Well, here we are, and the summer is halfway gone already. Sure, you can talk about summer beginning on the summer solstice, or whatever. But by my calendration, summer begins on June 1 (or maybe on Memorial Day weekend). And summer ends on August 31 (or maybe on Labor Day weekend). By that yardstick, half of the summer has already fled away.

Last night some of us went over to Spring Grove, where a local theater group put on an outdoor performance of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. An enjoyable evening, with dinner beforehand and clear skies throughout.

Now I'd like to see some rain in these parts. The corn could use some rain. And I'm getting tired of one day after another of "sunny, with highs near 90°." Fortunately it's been cooling off at night, and as for the days, I'm so fortunate as to live in the era of air conditioning.


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