Monday, July 11, 2005

3WK Underground Radio

3WK is an online radio station I first ran across way back in the neolithic era of the Internet. You know, like the days of Netscape 4?

3WK Underground Radio
I used to enjoy listening to them. Then I sort of lost track. When I ran across 3WK a few years later, my dial-up connection could no longer handle the requisite bandwidth.

Well. A couple of months ago, I finally got DSL. And now this morning, I just happened to wander onto the 3WK Underground Radio website once again. And voilà! I'm sitting here listening to 3WK as I type this.

3WK Underground Radio
3WK Classic Rock and Indie Rock streams are available in Windows Media, Real, Shoutcast, and Ogg Vorbis format. I've got the low-K Ogg Vorbis streams for Classic Rock and Indie Rock bookmarked in XMMS.

You can find literally thousands of web radio stations to choose from at Live365, which I also listen to a lot. But 3WK is cool, and 3WK has been webcasting since 1997.

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