Saturday, August 27, 2005

Vacation in the Home Stretch

Well, my vacation time is winding down. The other day I went over to see my friends David and Mary (David and I were in college together 30 years ago), and we spent a very pleasant evening out on their back deck, visiting and eating grilled chicken and talking beneath the stars till late, late into the night.

Also went out the other day to some second-hand joints, and found some old slide rules, including an aluminum log-log Pickett with a leather case in very fine condition, and leather belt loop still attached. Very rare to find a slide rule case with leather belt loop still attached.

Went back to the dentist to get the stitches out of my gums from that tooth extraction last week. He tells me it looks good. Next step: bridgework in September.

And yesterday I went out with my folks and my brother to the restaurant. Afterwards I slept most of the afternoon.

Now comes the weekend. Tomorrow afternoon I'll be heading back home to Iowa. Then, next week, the busy fall season begins for me.


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