Thursday, November 17, 2005

Unauthorized Home Entry: Postlude

A couple of weeks ago, I returned home from a day and a half on the road to discover that in my absence my home had been converted, without my knowledge, into a day-long "work zone."

I mean, there were the workpeople, coming in and out of my house. My furniture disarranged and moved around. Without my knowledge.

And since I hadn't been expecting them, I'd gone away leaving everything in the house... well... Dirty dishes on the kitchen table. Dirty laundry scattered across my bedroom floor. Toilet bowl uncleaned and sprouting its own ecosystem. Personal papers, including my latest tax returns, lying right out in the open on a table.

I nearly burst a blood vessel.

The good news is, last night the St. John's church council approved changing all the outside locks on the parsonage and the attached garage, so nothing like this will happen again. Thank you, folks. Very much appreciated.


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