Monday, May 22, 2006

Watching for the Watch

Well, a while back I was mentioning that I had ordered a new Russian watch— a Russian chronograph, actually. Like they say, a watched pot never boils; and I guess a watched-for watch never arrives, either.

Actually, the full story is that I ordered the watch from one outfit online, and after a week and a half they finally got around to informing me that, oh, gee, they didn't have that watch in stock, after all. They did have certain similar watches in stock, for more than twice the price, but. Anyhow. I told them I was sorry, but if they didn't have it, we'd have to let it go at that.

Then searched around and found the watch on another Russian watch site. Was just about to place the order when I noticed, just in the nick of time, that this outfit, on its outlet on Amazon, had a 71% negative rating from customers.

Searched around some more, located a Russian chronograph on eBay which was just about identical to the one I'd been looking for, and in fact on several points even better. Seller had been in the business of peddling Russian watches on eBay for some time, and had a 100% positive rating. So I clicked on the "buy it now" button— no, I wasn't going to mess around with bidding, and some other bidder snatching it out from under me at the last minute. The seller was in touch with me by email in less than two hours, and said watch is in transit, all the way from St. Petersburg, Russia.

I suppose it's a bit early to hope that it might be arriving today already. But perhaps some time this week. Yes, I will put up pictures of it when it arrives.

In the meanwhile, I've been googling around and poking through various watchblogs, which are rather fascinating if you're into watches. All sorts of cool photos, reviews, and discussions on watches. Such as at Chuck Maddox's Watch Blog, or, or Ed's Corner.



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