Wednesday, January 05, 2005

More on Uma Thurman

Okay, a few weeks ago I did a piece on Uma Thurman's Huge Hands. Nice pictorial piece, I thought like most items you do on a blog it would eventually recede over the event horizon.

Wrong. Uma Thurman's Huge Hands soon ended up in the search engines, and look at what the searches arriving here on my blog look like now:

27 Dec, Mon, Google: uma thurman "large hands"
28 Dec, Tue, Google: "xorg 6.8.1" mandrakelinux
28 Dec, Tue, Yahoo:  uma thurman freakishly large hands
29 Dec, Wed, Google: "stray google search"
29 Dec, Wed, Google: uma thurman huge hands
29 Dec, Wed, Google: paul burgess
29 Dec, Wed, Google: uma's huge feet
31 Dec, Fri, Google: r-expo india
01 Jan, Sat, Google: uma thurman's hands
01 Jan, Sat, Google: Uma Thurman huge hands
01 Jan, Sat, Google: aquamobile
01 Jan, Sat, Google: uma thurman huge hands
01 Jan, Sat, Google: uma thurman large feet
02 Jan, Sun, Google: rocker blotter
02 Jan, Sun, Yahoo:  star of bethlehem desktops
03 Jan, Mon, Yahoo:  paul burgess
03 Jan, Mon, Google: "uma thurman has huge"
03 Jan, Mon, Google: Randian Objectivist
03 Jan, Mon, MSN:    Harry Potter Anagram Finder
04 Jan, Tue, Yahoo: making a wooden rocker blotter
04 Jan, Tue, Google: uma thurman "big hands"
04 Jan, Tue, Google: huge hands

Who woulda guessed that there's a constituency out there for Uma's huge hands? But evidently there is.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have discovered one of the wonderful perques of being a blogger--how occasionally you will post something seemingly trivial and suddenly find that you are now regularly found by people typing in words in search engines.

Don't believe it? Try searching on "Mary Kate and Ashley nude." It's still something like the 15th most popular Google search key words that lead people to my site.

Lotta strange people out there.

Sunday, January 07, 2007 11:54:00 AM  

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